Proof Positivity: Out With The Old


 With the New Year comes change.  Change is an every day thing.  Your thoughts and ideas change every single day.  If you have children they learn something  new and grow every day.  You become uninterested in some of your old things and want new things.  This is where the second hand store comes in.  Donations for these stores aren’t as high as they once were and if you have stuff that you no longer want or need it would be awesome to donate. 

Donating is something my family does every few months.  The kids have so many toys and then get new ones they have to go and I don’t want to throw it away.  They grow so fast they are constantly going through clothes and they have so many clothes they go too.  So, this is where we are at with our things.  In the new year I find myself going through the clothes of my daughter and baby.  The clothes from my oldest gets saved because the baby is a boy and will eventually be used before it gets donated.  We won’t be having any other children so it is pretty much all mapped out.

By our donating our things we are supporting organizations in our community that gives food, clothing, and shelter to others.  We are supporting organizations that fight against the trafficking of children and educating adults.  I can’t bring it upon myself to just throw things away.  I don’t think for me and my family it’s socially responsible.  My husband after a few years of  little spats has come to conclude this is the way I am.  I don’t throw away what could be used by another and I am more than happy to receive something used.  I like new stuff too but it doesn’t bother me when I am handed a gift that is second hand. 


Just A Click Away

New England R/B Artist, Chris Tianjoins  Nonprofit LIVING ADVANTAGE in the launch of a National music download-athon to save foster kids with the 2009 KICKOFF DOWNLOAD-4-KIDS Campaign commencing on January 1st.

The New Year’s Kickoff  began January 1st and runs through March 1st launching the premiere digital music fundraiser with a count down for kids with half of every download of the single, BABY COME ON OUT, to be given to save homeless and needy foster kids. The single features an all star line up including Black Eyed Peas session guitarist, J. Curtis.

“I am so thankful to Chris for his generous gift to help us save these needy kids. We work 24/7 with kids from every walk of life who have no mom or dad and many who are homeless. This support will help us save more of these kids,” says Pamela Clay, Foster Youth Advocate and Founder of Living Advantage.

Living Advantage is a nonprofit creating an online global community for foster kids including online support referrals, and various mentorship programs. Other celebrities who support Living Advantage are Grammy Artist Seal, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Senator Gilbert Cedillo, Kashif, Shawn Blakemore, Tatiana Ali, Beverly Peele.

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