Proof Positivity: Be Kind To Our Furry Friends


Everyday in the United States 10,000 animals are abused.  This is done through training dogs, roosters, or any other animal to fight each other.  There are the people who are just abusive for no purpose.  There are animal hoarders who can’t even feed two but choose to have 20.    The point is these pets relieve your stress if you treat them right.  So it would only be  right to treat a pet with your love and kindness. 

There are organizations that do help abused animals.  The Leauge Against Cruel Sports  “On Boxing day every year since the ban on hunting came into force in February 2005 the Countryside Alliance routinely claims that hunting is attracting more support than in the years leading up to the historic ban.”  They fight for the rights of animals in sporting events such as hunting.

You can volunteer your time at a shelter for animals that have been abused or abandoned.  In Canada you can help to fight for stronger laws to protect animals.  You can sign a petition to the government of Greece  Please be warned you need a strong stomach to venture to the site.   Be involved in your neighborhood watch.  You can donate to the Shambalapreserve which is Tippi Hedren’s initiative to save exotic animals from people that abuse them or can’t take care of them.

I have said before that if bad things didn’t happen then you wouldn’t need these organizations to help out.   To be a positive person you have to accept the negative first.  If the negative didn’t happen there wouldn’t be a need for these organizations.


Phone Made From Recyclable Materials

Recyclecindy must be getting word out pretty strong.  Motorola just announced that it had created it’s first phone made out of  recycled water bottles.  Renew is the world’s first mobile phone made using plastics comprised of recycled water bottles.

Renew delivers the quality you expect from a Motorola device while empowering you to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only is the plastic housing of Renew made from plastics comprised of recycled water bottles and 100 percent recyclable, but it is also the world’s first carbon neutral phone. Through an alliance with, Motorola offsets the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone through investments in renewable energy sources and reforestation. The phone has earned’s CarbonFree(R) Product Certification after an extensive product life-cycle assessment.

“Today, natural resources, energy and time are more precious than ever before,” said Jeremy Dale, corporate vice president, global marketing, Motorola Mobile Devices. “From the product’s design, to the packaging to our partnership with, we wanted to ensure that this device makes the right impact with consumers and the environment.”


Asthma Breakthrough

The American Asthma Foundation announced a research breakthrough that explains why tiny, household pests called dust mites are a major source of airborne allergens for patients with allergic asthma.

Executive Director of the American Asthma Foundation,  Dean Smith explains that “although dust mites are known to trigger asthma attacks, until now we did not know why the allergic response to the mites was so strong.”  The mystery was solved as a result of research funded by the American Asthma Foundation’s Strategic Program for Asthma Research (SPAR).  The results were published December 7, 2008.  The lead investigator, Dr. Christopher Karp, and his colleagues found that house dust mites trick the immune system into believing that it is facing a bacterial infection.  Thus misinformed, the immune system mounts a strong allergic response to the mites, a response that can trigger asthma attacks.

Asthma is a chronic, complex disease that is a major public health problem.  Nearly one in every 13 people in the United States has asthma — more Americans than have coronary heart disease or cancer or Parkinson’s Disease.  Asthma is the most serious chronic disease of childhood and disproportionately strikes the poor.

The American Asthma Foundationis the only national advocacy group in the United States devoted solely to asthma.  Marion O. Sandler, Chairman of the Board, describes the Foundation’s mission as “raising funds for research to improve treatment, prevent, and find a cure for the disease.  Sad to say, there is no cure for asthma and little progress has been made in 50 years in improving treatment.”

Elaborating on the organization’s approach to research, Sandler explains, “The American Asthma Foundation underwrites a national grants program to attract the best scientific minds to address the asthma problem. Specifically, through its Strategic Program for Asthma Research the American Asthma Foundation supports highly original, cutting-edge asthma research by providing generous multi-year awards to scientists not previously involved in the study of asthma.”


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