Proof Positivity: Few Issues

me8I’m having a few issues here.   I am getting more spam here at Proof Positivity.   This is what you need to know .   First, if you leave your address and it says visit my blog my spam blocker will block you and you will be deleted.  I am a very busy person and on most days my energy is directed where it should be, my family.  Secondly, I am a woman I don’t take very kindly to being called   “buddy.”  See the picture?  That is me.  I am a mother of three small children not “buddy.”  My name is Shirley please use my name or my blog’s title to refer to me. 

Done with my rant…  Anyhow,  I’ve learned how to put siding on a house.  I will, undoubtedly, be implementing this knowledge some time in the near future.  If you are a home owner you might want to stop by the site.  I’ve been told that I know more about owning a home than a home owner does.   

Chosen For a Historic Event

The Inaugural Purple Ball is organized to celebrate the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and honor Bipartisanship, Unity and Diversity.  The Inaugural Purple Ball will represent the four corners of the world and everyone in those four corners. The  mission is  to ensure that Unity and Diversity are prevalent by encouraging a variety of people and community members of different origins and backgrounds, sexes and religions to attend The Inaugural Purple Ball.


Celebrities that will be attending includes: Louis Gossett Jr., Patricia Arquette, Amy Brenneman, Ed Harris, Ashley Judd, Josh Lucas, Amy Madigan, Brad Silberling and Kate Walsh. 

The Eracism Foundation founded by Louis Gossett Jr. was chosen as the benefactor of The Inaugural Purple Ball for its emphasis on equality, unity and diversity.


Five members of The United States Armed Forces were chosen from scores of submissions to receive two complimentary tickets each to join us as honored representatives of their respective branch. 

Immediately following the ball Flower Power Foundation will arrange to pick up and deliver all floral arrangements used as decor to distribute to injured veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the National Naval Medical Center and the Washington DC VA Medical Center in the Nation’s Capital.


The Inaugural Purple Ball is confirmed to be held on January 20, 2009at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Washington, DC.


Making A Difference On  Vacation

I don’t know about you, for me it would be the most awesome thing to take a vacation and to help someone out.  There are trips you can take to make a difference in places like South Africa or Honduras.

To welcome in 2009, i-to-i announces the opportunity for travelers to save 9% on volunteer vacations booked in January. All 500 trips to 35 destinations are included in the discount, but bookings must be made before February 1, 2009.

Some opportunities for those looking to take a volunteer vacation include:


Build Homes in La Esperanza, Honduras, 1 week, $800 in January


The native Lenca people of the Western Highlands often live in poverty-stricken conditions, sometimes with three families under one roof. Volunteers are desperately needed to help provide better homes for people who really need them as well as helping the communities build homes of their own. On this building project volunteers will work alongside local families to provide more stable and comfortable living conditions.

Work with Lions in South Africa, 2 weeks, $1810 in January


Volunteers will spend 9 straight days/10 nights working at the park from 8am to 5pm/6pm. The volunteers help in daily tasks such as feeding, cleaning and exercising the animals, especially the lion cubs. Volunteers can get involved showing visitors around the center and take school groups around the lion park, supervising their interaction with the cubs.