Proof Positivity: Is This Truly A Blog?

Shirley Petretic

Shirley Petretic

Is this truly a blog?  I’m beginning to wonder.  The news that I present is new news, I do interviews, and I live “blog.”  I think I’m a one man newspaper.  It would be nice to have more than just myself doing this.  I treat this as a job.  I post every day Monday- Friday when life keeps me busy I’m a little late but I nearly always publish before 9:00 AM eastern.  I have countless other blogs and this is the only one that I feel a responsibility for.  I’m even at a blogging slump but only at my other blogs.  I’ve shirked on my other writing responsibilities.  I think I just need a break from the constant writing I had been doing.  I would have to say this is more like an e-newspaper, with a slight twist, with my opinion at the beginning.  It is true that this blog was more like a blog in the beginning and I did less work for it when I began this.  I am proud of what Proof Positivity has grown into and I hope to continue growing and expanding Proof Positivity.

Former President Jimmy Carter Dedicates 'Gift of Sight' Statue

Oak Brook, Illinois, January 27, 2009—Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter will dedicate the “Gift of Sight” statue on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at Lions Clubs International headquarters. The statue symbolizes Lions Clubs International Foundation’s (LCIF) ongoing  efforts to combat preventable blindness and is a gift to Lions from The Carter Center.

The bronze statue is of a a child leading a man blinded by river blindness which is caused by a worm that breeds in fast-flowing rivers. It is a major cause of blindness in west and central Africa.

“Rosalynn and I have seen the devastating effects that blinding diseases have on individuals and their families. The Carter Center and Lions Clubs International Foundation, along with other vital partners, are working to preserve the vision of millions of people in Africa and the Americas,” said Carter Center Founder President Carter. “Thanks to these coordinated efforts, river blindness is nearly eliminated from the Western Hemisphere.”

“It is a great honor to have former President Jimmy Carter dedicate this symbolic statue,” said Lions Clubs International President, Albert Brandel. “This partnership program is preventing and eliminating blindness around the world, and Lions are proud to take a hands-on approach.”

The statue was commissioned by The Carter Center Board Chair, John Moores. The sculptor, R.T. “Skip” Wallen, internationally recognized sculptor and printmaker from Juneau, Alaska volunteered his time to produce the original bronze study. Other life-size castings of the “Gift of Sight” statue are located at The Carter Center in Atlanta and Merck & Co, Inc. Headquarters in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, as well as four additional locations worldwide.

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Dear Bee Scientists I am giving this money to you so you can so you can help the bees.  I love bees. Katie Brown

Dear Bee Scientists I am giving this money to you so you can so you can help the bees. I love bees. Katie Brown

6-year-old Katie Brown gave $20 of her allowance savings to the UC Davis honey bee research program.

Katie learned of the problems honey bees were facing from Haagen-Dazs Web site which states “Imagine a world without honey bees.”

Katie’s mother, Molly Pont-Brown, says she  “gets a portion of her allowance each week for charity and had been wanting to help the bees and saving up for a long time, so we were looking online for ways to help the bees and stumbled upon their (Haagen-Dazs) program.”

Eager to share information with her classmates on the plight of the honey bees, Katie took photos of foods that bees pollinate and served Honey Bee Vanilla ice cream, the new flavor that Haagen-Dazs created last year as part of its bee crisis-awareness campaign.

Katie is “about to give another $40 additionally from her Star Student Week,” her mother said. The six-year-old chose to donate $2 per child to the honey bee research program instead of buying the customary trinkets for them. Katie also sent each classmate a “bee-mail” from the Haagen-Dazs Web site to let them know about it.

For Christmas, Katie received a Haagen-Dazs bee shirt and bee books from her family. Her grandmother in California is giving her a “bee friendly garden.” Katie’s next birthday party will feature a bee theme, Honey Bee Vanilla ice cream, and will be a benefit for honey bee research.

“What a great thing (the drive to save the bees) for Haagen-Dazs to do,” Molly Pont-Brown wrote in a letter to UC Davis. “And, of course, we appreciate all your department is doing to help the very important honey bees with your research, as well!”

When told of the Delaware girl’s bee crusader efforts, Katie’s mother said, “It’s fun to hear that there are other little bee crusaders out there, as well.”

Those interested in donating to the honey bee research program at UC Davis or learning more about the design competition for the honey bee haven can access the Department of Entomology home page .


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