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Shirley PetreticMost bloggers use some for of social media to promote their sites or just to talk.  Stumble is one of the services I use.  At the moment my stumble account has freaked out and I have 90 pages sent to me from someone and I am annoyed with it.  I have no clue how I’m going to catch up to people that I have conversation with.  This seems more like spam there’s so much and it’s all from one username. 


My family purchased the converter box for the switch over.  I can’t believe the quality of the signal.  I live in an area where I was only able to get two channels.  Now I have something like six and they are cable quality.  I don’t believe in paying for cable so that is why it’s such a big deal.  ABC, NBC, and CBS were funded through commercials and the fact that millions of people pay for a service that has commercials drives me up a wall.  I can understand paying for the premium channels HBO, Showtime, etc but for things like TNT I just don’t get it.

On with your news…

You’re Being Tracked

Trackleis a new service that tracks all of your personalized information on the web. Trackle keeps tabs on everything in your life, from local, to social to shopping. 

Tracle launched its new service for tracking everything you care about on the web. It Offers the an index of the most popular  tracked categories.  Trackle keeps tabs on everything in your life, from local, to social to shopping.  With Trackle, people can share like-interests with groups of friends via Twitter, SMS and email.

“The Web is still a walled-garden for personal information. Whether you’re going to YouTube for videos, iTunes for new albums, Facebook for new postings, ESPN for score updates or NBC/FOX for late night show guest lists — you’re visiting the same sites, often multiple times a day, just to find out what’s new,” said Pavan Nigam, founder and CEO of Trackle. “Trackle provides a simple way to track it all in a highly relevant and fun way.”

Trackle goes beyond basic alert models or RSS feeds, to provide a more intuitive selection of 
categories that help people track exactly what they're interested in, as well as new things that 
they'd like to explore in the future, or share with friends. For example, you can use Trackle to 
stay on top of: * Local information -- specific to your neighborhood or city * Any new crime reported
 in your neighborhood recently * Your home price fluctuations this month * Low airfares from your city 
* Social stuff -- relating to your friends and groups * New job leads through your network on LinkedIn;
 matching your criteria such as "VP Marketing within 10 miles of my home" * Birthdays and special
 occasions * "You" or your family -- on the web and blogs * Shopping -- and whatever is interesting 
to you * New classifieds listings on Craigslist * Sports scores and standings 
(during the game and after) * Price drops on a Plasma TV * New PG-13 Thrillers

How it Works: You can set up customized “Tracklets” for the categories you’re interested in. Every Tracklet can be personalized by entering appropriate information, (zip code for weather alert, actor name for upcoming movie releases, and product details for tracking price drops). These personalized searches run continuously in the background and generate alerts whenever a new match is found, and can be set up to provide automatic notifications over the Web, email or SMS when Trackle finds a match. Trackle also offers a convenient “preview” feature which can be used to refine your custom parameters before setting up a Tracklet for a new category.

You can easily lookup the Tracklets being used by any of your friends as long as they have marked them as ‘public’. In this way, Trackle promotes serendipitous discovery of new and interesting things for people or groups with similar interests.

Cancer Research Find

IMBCR researchers uncovered a new way that cancers orchestrate the production of their own blood supply. Recent studies have shown that many tumors make a protein called pleiotrophin (PTN). They now show that PTN produced by tumor cells in multiple myeloma, a common form of bone marrow-based cancer, changes white cells in the blood called “monocytes” into cells that form the lining of blood vessels called “vascular endothelial cells” (VEC). These VEC cells then become incorporated into the blood vessels that form within tumors.


“This is exciting news, and we feel this will not only have a tremendous impact on hematological tumors, such as myeloma, but other cancers as well,” said James R. Berenson, M.D., Medical and Scientific Director of the IMBCR. “By uncovering this unique mechanism, how PTN produced by cancers actually changes circulating white cells into cells that line blood vessels that feed the tumor, we can direct our efforts to create more targeted approaches to eliminate blood supplies for cancers which should dramatically improve therapies for many types of cancers.”

Laptops Improve Life

Wounded soldier Major Chuck Ziegenfuss reports using a voice-controlled laptop during recovery was "the first time I felt whole since I woke up wounded." Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT has received a $210,000 grant to supply 300 more wounded soldiers with their own adapted laptops.

Wounded soldier Major Chuck Ziegenfuss reports using a voice-controlled laptop during recovery was "the first time I felt whole since I woke up wounded." Soldiers' Angels Project Valour-IT has received a $210,000 grant to supply 300 more wounded soldiers with their own adapted laptops.

Soldiers’ Angels

was established in 2003, Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as veterans and military families.

Three hundred soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistanwill soon receive specially-adapted laptop computers, thanks to military support nonprofit Soldiers’ Angels and The San Antonio Area Foundation (SAAF). The laptops will be funded through SAAF’s Texas Resources for Iraq-Afghanistan Deployment (TRIAD), which has awarded Soldiers’ Angels a $210,000 grant to fund Project Valour-IT in the San Antonio area.

The grant is expected to purchase at least 300 laptops, which will be distributed as gifts to wounded veterans undergoing treatment at San Antonio’sBrooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) or living in the surrounding area. The computers will be used for communication, post-military employment preparation and physical and occupational therapy, and will be fitted with adaptive technology from the Department of Defense for severely injured users, including voice-control. As one of the largest treatment facilities for wounded veterans in America, BAMC is a major hub for Project Valour-IT and Soldiers’ Angels works closely with caseworkers there to identify recovering service members in need of a laptop.


Wounded veteran and Valour-IT co-creator Chuck Ziegenfuss knows firsthand the power of Valour-IT. He reports that using a voice-controlled laptop while he recovered was “the first time I felt whole since I’d woken up wounded.”


This is the third SAAF/TRIAD grant for Soldiers’ Angels, forming a growing bond between the two organizations and furthering the reach of Project Valour-IT, which has already distributed 3,000 laptops nationwide. “With the money from this grant we will be able to touch many more heroes who need Valour-IT Laptops,” says Soldiers’ Angels Veterans Support Team leader, Twyla Choate. “Soldiers’ Angels is thrilled to once again be given the opportunity to help those who have done so much for us.”

Desmond Tutu to Receive Spiritual Leadership Award

     South African Desmond Tutu will receive an international award recognizing his “vision, understanding and building of bridges,” a global spiritual group said.


The Nobel Peace laureate and retired Anglican archbishop of Cape Town will receive the Spiritual Leadership Award from Humanity’s Team, a global movement “awakening the world to oneness,” the group said.


Tutu, who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid and brought reconciliation to South Africa’s people a decade later,  will receive Humanity’s Team’s highest honor April 18 at the movement’s 2009 global Oneness Summit in Pretoria, South Africa, said the group, based in Boulder, Colorado.


The summit will focus on oneness, especially as expressed in the southern African ethic of “ubuntu,” which means, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”


“Archbishop Tutu has dedicated his life to solving some of the world’s most insurmountable challenges with vision, understanding and building of bridges,” Humanity’s Team Worldwide Coordinating Director Steve Farrell said.


“He embodies many of humanity’s greatest visions of spiritual courage of ubuntu and is now an icon of hope far beyond South Africa,” Farrell said. “We consider it a great privilege to give this award to this spiritual leader and we are extremely honored he has agreed to accept it.”


Tutu, 77, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, said he was “deeply grateful” to receive the Humanity’s Team honor, which has become the standard among global awards for extraordinary expressions of inclusive visionary spiritual leadership through one’s life lived.


In support of the movement’s oneness vision, he signed a Humanity’s Team petition asking the United Nations to declare an annual global Oneness Day.


“We must recognize our common humanity — that we are all one, that our destinies are bound up in another’s, that I need you for me to be me and that we complement each other as essential parts of a greater whole,” Tutu said.


“If we could but recognize this fundamental law of our being, then we would create a glorious world in which all of us live harmoniously together as members of one human family, God’s family,” Tutu said, echoing a statement from his “God Has a Dream.”


“Life would truly be ‘on Earth as it is in heaven,'” he said. “God’s dream would become a reality.”


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