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Proof Positivity: A Positive Editorial

In The News Today

I began my day watching the news.   Just because I work with the positive doesn’t mean I’m blind to the world around me.  Anyhow, death and mayhem were main topics.  My children were watching what was on the TV.   I said to myself   “I can’t allow my kids  to view this.  The news just isn’t child appropriate.  If I allow them to watch this I may as well allow them to watch Desperate Housewives too.

The things on this site come from various sources press releases, interviews, and even the news.  I generally watch NBC’s Making a difference series online because of the violence the regular news has.

So, there you have it.  This is the main reason I produce this site,  the news is not child friendly.    It offers no solution to any problem.  If anything it is an open door leading to depression.   It helps no one unless they are highlighting a service for other people and that will never be breaking news.

Here the good stuff is always welcome.  Want to pat someone on the back feel free.  Congrats again Benny and Kelly.  If you have missed the string of online magazine posts and social media sites, Kelly and Benny are getting married.   Hmmm… that would be an awesome Valentine’s day post.

I need to stop rambling and get on with this weeks blog posts.  So, enjoy!  🙂

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