Proof Positivity: Calling Out To Me

Proof Positivity has been calling out to me like a ghost in the wind.  The little voice in my head keeps whispering don’t abandon Proof Positivity.  I, sadly, admit a whole lot of guilt over leaving this blog go stale.  Two years ago it was unique and now positive blogs similar to this one are popping up everywhere.   I would almost bet my page rank is gone too.  I am not going to make guarantees that this blog is back for today, it’s back.

You may be  wondering what has consumed my time so much that I would neglect this blog.  I have taken up homeschooling my children.  It’s not a particularly easy road my husband and I have chosen but it’s easier than the road to public school.  What has come out of my first year experience is a greater knowledge of science.  Hopefully it will help me stay on top of  science and technology news.

In past month (and I know it’s old news) we dealt with oil conglomerate  BP  and the mess created due to an explosion.   Meanwhile, senators from Ohio, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania called upon President Obama “requesting that he fully utilize the Corporation for National and Community Service.  as part of a “National Call to Service,” aimed at engaging volunteers to assist in recovery efforts of the Gulf Coast oil spill.”

I am all for community involvement but lets be frank here, the stuff is toxic and it needs those experienced with oil.  Most of those involved with NCS are kids.   NCS puts out this statement,   “The complex nature of oil cleanup, coupled with health and safety concerns, restricts the role of volunteers. The Deepwater Unified Area Command under the direction of Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen has specified that volunteers or unpaid individuals are not allowed to perform hands-on hazardous waste remediation.

Find an appropriate volunteer opportunity by typing in your zip code or register to volunteer with one of the Gulf Coast state service commissions listed below. Volunteers are also encouraged to support disaster relief organizations responding to the spill and to volunteer with human service agencies and nonprofits in the region that are experiencing increased demand due to the effects of the oil spill.”

Thank goodness the thing is finally corked!    The positive in the whole situation are the organizations that are helping like the International Bird Rescue Research Center.  Truly, these people deserve huge kudos for the work they’ve done to try to persevere the wildlife.

The past few weeks has been all about actor/ director Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.  On that thing I will say it’s all alleged.  No one knows what really happened except those two.   The reason I mention it here is because it does involve a subject that I advocate about, domestic violence.

Firstly, anyone who beats their wife, husband, children, parents, etc needs to seek help now.  If you are on the other end of it please call the domestic violence hot line in your phone book.   If you are a concerned citizen here are a few things you can do to help:

You can donate your old cell phone

You can volunteer for Stand! Against Domestic Violence

You can be an ear that listens.  Sometimes when you lend an ear it gives another the power to stand.


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