Proof Positivity: Heart Healthy World Healthy

Not only is General Mills heart healthy they are stepping into the green era to become world healthy as well.  In

Methuen, Massachusetts the company has added solar panels to the facility that makes yogurt.  Solar energy is expected to supply nearly 80 percent of the warehouse’s summertime power needs, and 40 percent of its needs the rest of the year.

“The enthusiasm of the work force and the partnership with state and local government led the way for us to install the solar panels,” said Jon Russett, energy manager in General Mills’ Supply Chain operations. “General Mills is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance.”

What solar power will do at General Mills’ Methuen:

  • The panels provide a year-round average of 55 percent of the annual electricity consumed by the warehouse building.
  • The panels generate enough electricity (110.7 kilowatts) to power approximately 12 average Massachusetts homes every year
  • Solar power will offset more than 112,000 lbs of carbon dioxide annually – this is the equivalent of taking 10 cars off the road.

I can see world healthy as part of the new mantra for General Mills.  General Mills’ San Adrian, Spain, facility now receives all of its electricity and one third of its overall energy from renewable energy sources such as wind power. The company is also constructing a biomass burner at its oat-milling facility in Fridley, Minnesota  that will burn leftover oat hulls from the milling process to produce about 90 percent of the steam needed to heat the plant and make oat flour.

“As we continue to work on sustainability across our supply chain, we remain confident that the groundwork we’ve laid will continue to show even more progress in the future,” said Russet.


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  2. Great info!

  3. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

  4. No, I don’t wish that man were president. I did not forget his lack of response for several hours during 9/ll or the fact that Cheney’s former company reaped the benefits of the war in Iraq. Nor, did I forget it was Bush who began the bail outs. My first voting season was the first Bush and Bill Clinton. I will rest easy at night knowing I never voted a bush in office. I will rest easy at night knowing the presidents I vote for are not lining their pockets with the oil money they could acquire in Iraq. It wouldn’t have bothered me so much if the family wasn’t involved in the oil industry. I am perfectly happy and satisfied with my choices are you?

    Further more, Mrs. Spamalot, this article is about a company trying to make choices for the better, you strayed from topic which is also why I edited your comment to leave out a blog?

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