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Proof Positivity now has a brand new forum and everyone is invited.  You do not need to be a blog owner to join just be you. 


I do have a few guidelines should you post to the discussion board:

We are going to be running on a three strikes and your out kind of thing. I will warn you two times and by the third time your out.

1.) Personal attacks will not be accepted in this community. This is a community filled with positive things.

2.) Controversial issues: Can be posted as long as it can be considered a human right or a solution needs to be found. I would put proposition 8 in this category.

3) This is all about people, animals, nature and anything you can connect to serving the world. If there is something that is straight up advertising it will be removed.

4.) Please keep it clean. This is a place where hopefully young people will roam. If it embarrasses you to say it in front of a child then keep it to yourself.


6 Responses

  1. My apologies in advance if the following posting appears to be for commercial gain. But I am sure that all cat and pet lovers, in general, share the Bush family’s sorrow on the loss of their long-time member of the family. Therefore, they and other pet owners who have suffered a recent loss may take comfort in the book written by my clients, (The Rev.) Dr. Rayner W. Hesse, Jr. and Anthony F. Chiffolo: “We Thank You, God, for These, Blessings and Prayers for Family Pets” (Paulist Press). The recent box office hit movie, “Marley & Me,” with its heart-wrenching final scene of the burial of the long-time family pet, Marley, serves to underscore how much pets contribute to a family’s makeup. Finding the right words for paying a worthy tribute to their deceased pet may be too difficult, for some, and this book will surely inspire them to say good-bye to their always faithful companion.

  2. Lol! That’s all I’ll say. Maybe I can direct you to a story I wrote for my kids Lol!

  3. Hi everyone!
    I’m new to
    I hope I can be a regular here!

  4. As long as you no longer send inappropriate sites knock yourself out. This is a child friendly enviromement and I’d like to leave it that way.

  5. Are you a writer? Do you allow guest posts? Nicely done, Steven.

  6. I allow guest posts as long as there is no promotion of alcoholic beverages, tobacco substances, and illegal stuff. This is a child appropriate site and I moderate it heavily. If I wouldn’t show it to my kids it will not get published.

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