Proof Positivity: Loud and Proud

Disability and Power Pride shout to the masses with one voice to change the perception of those with disabilities.  Founded in  2009 as a natural outgrowth of two first-of-their kind events that heralded a rising political force. The January 2009 Power & Pride Inaugural Ball attracted nearly a thousand guests from across the country.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the historic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Disability Power & Pride will host a Gala celebration on July 26, 2010 at the National Press Club (529 14th St., NW), 7 to 11 p.m. – following a White House ceremony commemorating the ADA’s enactment. Disability community leaders, champions, advocates and supporters in government, business, the arts, service organizations, academia and the grassroots will join together to celebrate the past and reinvigorate a movement to change the future. This Gala is the capstone event for the anniversary day.

Disability and Power Pride mobilizes all Americans with disabilities, their families, friends and allies, to speak with your hands or mouth with one powerful voice.

Former Congressman and current chair of Disability and Power Pride, Tony Coelho states,  “The words in our name — Disability Power & Pride — distill decades of dreams and struggles, progress and challenges, and reflect the life work of countless leaders, legislators, advocates, and individuals of all ages, abilities and political affiliations. Difficult work lies ahead to deliver on the ADA’s promise, but to succeed we must come together, celebrate who we are, and build our political power.”


Proof Positivity: Proof Positivity

Ripple Of  Hope


At the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights on November 18  Bono and Wyclef Jean were presented  with the organization’s 2009 Ripple of Hope Award.  The award recognizes the bold leadership demonstrated by the two honorees on humanitarian issues.

“As champions of justice, Bono and Wyclef have brought the national spotlight to human rights violations, empowered local activists, and transformed the lives of millions of people living in poverty from Port-Au-Prince to Darfur,” said Kerry Kennedy, founder of the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. “Their efforts evoke the spirit of my father and we are honored to recognize them.”

Jenni Williams, founder of Women of Zimbabwe Arise and 2009 RFK Human Rights Award winner, introduced Bono who was then presented the award by Ethel Kennedy.  Bono, the lead singer of U2 and co-founder of the advocacy organization ONE and (Product) RED, was recognized for his efforts in the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

“Though we’re not usually that partial to Royals, growing up in Ireland in the 70s, the Kennedy family felt like an Irish royal family. Bobby Kennedy was a super-hero, an Irish scrapper who didn’t see any contradiction between hard-headed pragmatism and an idealism that challenged all of us to change the world. That’s why the Ripple of Hope award means so much. RFK was the blue print for our activism in the ONE campaign,” Bono said. “The image of Bobby that will forever be in my mind is of a man with his sleeves rolled up, hard at work and showing a hint of muscle. His life is an enduring challenge to all of us to do more, get beyond ourselves and send out our own ripples of hope to the world.”

Loune Viaud, who received the RFK Human Rights Award in 2002 for her work in Haiti, introduced her fellow countryman, Wyclef Jean.  Jean was recognized for his work to strengthen and inspire change in Haiti through his Yele Haiti organization.

“It is an honor to receive this award for so many reasons,” said Jean, who was also the evening’s musical performer.  “The Kennedy Family and Robert F. Kennedy have represented and fought for the rights of people around the world, and have paid the ultimate sacrifice for it.  I am humbled by their work, and use it as an example in the work I continue to do in Haiti, the United States, Africa and around the globe.  I look forward to working closely with Kerry Kennedy and the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights in Haiti as a part of our Yele Center.”

The evening was emceed by actor Peter Gallagher and included monologues based on the play “Speak Truth to Power” performed by Matthew Modine, Matt McCoy, Joey Pantoliano and Gloria Reuben.  There was also a special tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy, who served as a member of the RFK Board of Directors from 1968 until his passing this year.


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Proof Positivity: Going Green

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

According to a recent survey conducted by Plastics Make it Possible(SM) , an initiative sponsored by the plastics industries of the American Chemistry Council, nearly 70 percent of households make an effort to recycle at home. Of those homes that make recycling a priority, more than two out of three rely on the women of the house to serve as the “recycling enforcers.” One out of four families shares the responsibility while only 10 percent put their kids in charge of recycling duty.

So just where do the plastic bottles you throw in the recycling bin and the plastic bags you take back to the grocery store end up? Though recycled plastics might be out-of-mind as soon as they are placed in a recycling bin, they are far from out-of-sight. Most people use “second life” plastics in their homes or cars everyday – and many of us may even be wearing them! According to the survey, eighty-two percent of Americans know that recycled plastic water bottles can be used to make a variety of items such as lumber for homes and decks, car bumpers, life jackets, sails for boats, rope and even fashionable t-shirts.

To encourage consumers to recycle more, Plastics Make it Possible(SM) provides the following tips for reusing and recycling everyday plastics.

1. Find out which plastics are accepted for recycling in your community
and where they can be taken.  Though recycling options vary, most
community curbside programs collect plastic bottles and many grocery
and retail chains now offer bins to collect used plastic bags and wraps
for recycling.  An increasing number of communities are also collecting
rigid containers like yogurt and butter tubs.
2. Know what to recycle with your bottles.  A “bottle” is any container
with a neck or opening that’s smaller than its base and includes milk
jugs; beverage containers; bottles from salad dressing, oil and other
condiments; food jars for items like peanut butter and mayonnaise; and
bottles from shampoo, toiletries, laundry detergent and household
3. Know what to recycle with your bags at grocery stores.  When you
recycle your bags, include all plastic bags from grocery, retail and
dry cleaning stores, plastic bags that cover newspapers, and product
wraps from paper towels, napkins, bathroom tissue and diapers.
4. Clean and empty.  Before tossing them in the recycle bin, make sure
bottles are appropriately rinsed and that caps are removed.
5. Bring bottles back to the bin.  When bottles are emptied away from
home, store them in a backpack or briefcase, or simply leave them in
the car until arriving home to place in a recycle bin.
6. Store bags in a bag. Storing plastic bags and wraps in a plastic bag
offers neat, convenient storage. Simply knot the handles when you’re
ready to drop them off at your local grocer or retailer.
7. Reuse those bags! From trash can liners to pet pick-up, plastic bags
can be used dozens of ways.
8. Pitch in beyond the kitchen. While many recyclable bottles and bags
come from the kitchen, don’t forget to check the bathrooms and laundry
room for shampoo and detergent bottles and reuse your plastic bags as
trash can liners throughout the house.
9. When in doubt, leave it out. Be careful not to contaminate your
recyclables with garbage or items that aren’t recycled in your area.

10. Bridge the second generation gap.  It’s important to remember that
recycled plastics go on to become second generation products like
carpet, fleece jackets and new bottles and bags.

I recycle when I can and here is my own personal list for recycling plastic:

1.  Make a purse with your grocery store bags.  Recycle Cindy
offers tons of great ideas.

2. Use those huge ice cream buckets to store things like cookie cutters or home made play dough.

3. Turn peanut butter jars into a piggy bank.

4.  Wash out your resealable sandwich  bags and reuse them.

5. Use your 2 liter pop bottle to carry water to drink on a hot day.

6. Use the lids from your pop bottles to create a game of checkers.

Proof Positivity: Providing Education

me2 What would it be like if your kids stayed home day in and day out?  What if you are too poor to offer your children books?  You would do anything for your kids but what if you didn’t have the resources to do anything?  Wouldn’t you loose a very important thing called hope?  Tamera has a solution.   You can help her send 4,000 children to school and provide much needed services that will help these children stay in school.  Can you imagine having a school where one didn’t exist?  A child who is learning to read teaching a mother or father who cannot read because of lack of education?  When you build a school it affects more than one and has a ripple effect.  Ripples are a wonderful thing.  Even if you can’t afford to donate you can Stumble her site, Digg it, Tweet it, and blog it.   If you would like to ask her a few questions she is hanging out at her blog or BlogCatalog.

A Climb Up Mt. Kilimanjaro for Charity


‘Access Hollywood’ Producer Michael Lewittes will be taking a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro for the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation , which was founded in 2006, for the organization’s educational charitable causes. He will be led by one of Tanzania’s most experienced mountaineering guides and his team of porters from KIWISA on December 23rd.


“Over the past 15 years, I have traveled from one end of Africa to the other, and felt it was time to finally tackle Kilimanjaro,” said Lewittes. “And while that’s enough of a challenge, after learning from a friend about KEF and its projects for underprivileged children in Tanzania, I decided I wanted to end 2008 by reaching Kilimanjaro’s summit for charity, so that the children living at the base of the mountain can one day also reach their goals.”

Proof Positivity: What Are Your Plans?

10-1-2008-24712-pm216Next week those of us who are American will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  On Wednesday night my mom and I usuallt stay up all night to cook.  The turkey cooks all night long and buy the time we pull it out on Thanksgiving day the thing falls off the bone and it is so moist it almost melts in your mouth.  There is no turkey better than my mom’s  turkey.  I’ve had turkey from various resteraunts and even a fancy hotel at the beginning of the week.  It’s ok but not great.  My mom’s turkey is great I’m happy we eat it on Christmas too. 

I’m running late aggg!  I need to get on with some positive news and stop talking!

Charity Highlights Tis The Season

Toys for Tots gets toys out to kids in need.  “The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.”

Coats for Kids Some kids need coats for those colder months the mission for Coats for Kids is “To ensure that every child that needs a winter coat recieves one.”

Salvation Army There is a lot more going on with The Salvation Army than the buckets at Christmas.  They have a charity for missing children, disaster relief, and drug rehabilitation.

Charity Navigator rates you favorite charities and it is a good idea to check here to make sure the charity is ligitamate as well.

You can be an elf and give gift to kids.

You can Make A Wish come true.  This is a charity for kids that may not have a chance.  You can volunteer your time or donate money.  It takes more than money to run a charity.

Proof Positivity: I Had No Clue

10-1-2008-24712-pm215I had no clue I recieved so much spam.  When this site was on blogger I hardly saw anything.  Now my dohickey has caught 10 spam.  I must be reaching a wider audience.  I need to go through and get rid of some of my catagories and stuff so I’m not a spammy Sammy too.  All this blogging stuff is a pain when you switch platforms.  I didn’t even know I had so many catagories or tags. 

We have another award!   This is a meme and I’m not real found of those but this does come from Kat at Candles, crafts, and Whatnot lemonadeaward1  Sorry Kat, I won’t be doing the meme part.  What this award means to me is another opportunity to make a difference.  If you take a look at Alex’s Lemonade Stand you will understand what I mean.  Alex was a little girl who was very ill with cancer.  When life hands you lemons you make lemonade.  That is exactly what Alex did.  She created a lemonade stand to fund cancer research and her parents continues with her dream.  Alex knew that even if she didn’t survive she may be able to help another.  Alex passed away because of the cancer but her dream and memory lives on forever. 


Disney Magic And NASA Join Forces


NASA is looking for a new name for it’s new Mars space rover and NASA is looking to children to name it.  Mars Science Laboratory rover  is scheduled for launch in 2009.


The contest began on November 18th and will end Jan. 25, 2009.  It is open to students 5 to 18 years old who attend a U.S. school and are enrolled in the current academic year. To enter the contest, students will submit essays explaining why their suggested name for the rover should be chosen.


Disney will provide prizes to students submitting winning essays, including a trip to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., where the rover is under construction. The grand prize winner will have an opportunity to place a signature on the spacecraft and take part in the history of space exploration.

“Mars exploration has always captured the public imagination,” said Mark Dahl, program executive for the Mars Science Laboratory at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “This contest will expand our ability to inspire students’ interest in science and give the public a chance to participate in NASA’s next expedition to Mars.”

Disney Pixar’s Wall-E will appear in conjunction with NASA online.

“All of us at Disney are delighted to be working with NASA in its educational and public outreach efforts to teach school children about space exploration, robot technology and the universe in which they live,” said Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group. “WALL-E is one of the most lovable and entertaining characters that Pixar has ever created, and he is the perfect spokes-robot for this program.” 

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Proof Positivity: North Dakota Has Snow


  North Dakota has snow and I’m kind of envious.  In southern West Virginia we don’t really get  enough snow to build a snowman let alone going sledding.  In fact my own kids are going out without jackets.  It’s been 75 degrees here.  I used to live near Lake Erie and boy did it snow!  Very cold too.  Frostbite, if you didn’t dress right, was possible.  Dressing right meant putting three layers of clothes on and then when you reached your destination pealing them off.  Here it’s a single layer of clothing once it gets cold.  Cold to West Virginians usually means warm to me.  I think about some of the times my fingers were so cold they hurt when they warm up and I’ve never really had that happen here.



This is usually what winter looks like around here.  Not much snow to worry about and this will close all the schools and put them on delays.  In Cleveland, OH it better be a blizzard before they close schools.



Just Roll With It 


Stater Bros. Charities, KFRG Radio Stations and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital Will Present More Than 1,100 Brand-New Bikes to 4th Grade Students on the field of the Arrowhead Credit Union Stadium in San Bernardino, California.  The 4th grade students who will receive the bikes were nominated by their school teachers for being outstanding role models in their classrooms as well as being children who might be in need this holiday season.

The annual Radiothon also raised more than $482,000 for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.  With every $200 donation that a radio listener made, Stater Bros. Charities and its business partners donated a brand new bike to a 4th grade student.

“Stater Bros. Charities is pleased to be a part of an event that gives our kids the incentive to work harder and do well in school,” stated Jack H. Brown, Chairman and CEO of Stater Bros. Markets.  “Everyone remembers their first bike and with hard times around the corner these children deserve a happy memory, too.”

McDonald’s(R) Encourages Kids to Take One

 Minute to Move It


McDonald's Shawn Johnson


If you had one minute of fun each day to help make a difference in your world, what would you do? That’s the question McDonald’s is asking kids and families as it launches One Minute to Move It — a global children’s well-being program designed to encourage kids to see what a difference a minute can make. The program launches in conjunction with McDonald’s global “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” Happy Meal promotion in participating restaurants worldwide. Featuring the  characters from the DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.’s (NYSE:DWA) film, One Minute to Move It empowers kids to take an active role in their own well-being by creating a minute of joyful self-expression.

McDonald’s will get kids and families involved around the world with  family events in key markets; an interactive digital community for kids; specially designed, motion-activated Happy Meal toys; and in-restaurant displays. Movie characters will be featured on a variety of food choices worldwide, including fruit, vegetables and milk products to reach kids in a fun and responsible way. The countdown begins in North America on November 7 and rolls out around the globe through the first quarter of next year.

One Minute to Move It encourages kids to take the first step — one minute — to do something they love like dancing, planting a flower, reading or writing, with the hope that it will provide inspiration for many more minutes to come,” said Mary Dillon, Global Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s. “This ‘fun-with-a-purpose’ program represents a fresh new approach to our ongoing commitment to children’s well-being.”


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