Proof Positivity: Green Means A Lot More

Going green isn’t just about being Earth friendly; it’s about saving money as well and with gas prices as high as they are who wouldn’t want to save money?  Don’t believe me?  Let me put this into perspective for you.

I have a family of five.  If my family of five drank five bottles each of bottled water a day at approximately $1.20 per bottle that is about $30 a day, $210 a week, $840 a month, and $10,080 a year.  Common sense would tell you that tap water doesn’t even cost half of that.   If you build yourself you can add on an extra room to your home and maybe furnish it too for that cost.

I know the complaints, “But it tastes nasty!”  I agree tap water does taste nasty but so does bottled water since it came from a tap any way and causes all sorts of negative effects to the ecosystems they are draining water from.  That’s not the only negative thing about bottled water though.  It isn’t tested for safety.

According to Natural Resources Defense Council “The quality of some brands was spotty, however, and such products may pose a health risk, primarily for people with weakened immune systems (such as the frail elderly, some infants, transplant and cancer patients, or people with HIV/AIDS). About 22 percent of the brands we tested contained, in at least one sample, chemical contaminants at levels above strict state health limits. If consumed over a long period of time, some of these contaminants could cause cancer or other health problems.”

If you ever had real spring water right from a spring you would know bottled water with spring on the packaging doesn’t taste the same.  There is a sweet, cool taste to real spring water.  I do have a solution with better tasting water with fewer chemicals and before I plug this you need to understand I only promote products I believe in.  I am not getting paid for this and I am not getting any kind of compensation.

We own a Brita.  I fill it up, place it in the fridge and after it’s cold I put it in sports bottles.  My children and I have no bottled water plastic waste and it saved thousands of dollars.  I can go to sleep at night knowing that I did not encourage the sell of something you can collect in a rain barrel and we are not the cause of harming wild life.

The Brita I own is only one way to go green and save money.  Growing your own food is another.   There are fewer disease free bees than there used to be and bees are so important to growing more food.  It’s suspected that they are getting sick from chemicals placed on the vegetable and fruit crops.  If you have the money to buy organic then please do.  If you don’t have that kind of money, because it is expensive in comparison to the poison crops, why not grow your own food?  You don’t need a huge space just a container will do.  Every little bit counts and every little bit helps.

Another tip I have is to compost.  We have reduced the amount of our garbage by four bags a week.  Food, plants, clothes that would make the garbage, coffee that’s old and their grounds, guinea pig shavings, newspaper, egg shells, egg shell containers all go in the compost.  We save four bags a week that’s 16 a month and 192 a year.  Wow!  That is a huge savings and it all gets incorporated back into the Earth providing more nutrients.