Proof Positivity: Water For Life

Imagine your child goes to school in Tanzania or Malawi.  Your child is thirsty so he/she takes a sip the water is contaminated.  The reality, in Africa 650 people die a day mostly small children due to poor water quality.  In 2001 nearly 10,000 had cholera during outbreaks.  There is no doubt more more needs to be done to make the water safe for human consumption.
UNICEF estimates that more than half of the schools in developing countries do not have safe water and also lack proper sanitation and hygiene education programs.  Africare, which works in partnership with the people of  Africa to build healthy, sustainable lifestyle, H2O For Life and Water which is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization run by teachers, parents, and students, and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group which provides the know-how, consistency and credibility essential to success over the long term have formed a partnership.

The partnership is intended to raise awareness of the water crisis and funds for the program through H2O for Life’s efforts in schools throughout the US and Canada.

“Educating children about the importance of safe water, effective sanitation and hygiene practices in both the developing and developed world is an investment in our collective future, a way to help make the world more connected, and helps each of us fulfill our purpose to improve lives,” said Greg Allgood, director of the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program.  “Innovative partnerships like this one with P&G, H2O for Life, Africare, and Wasrag help make each of us more effective than we are alone.  Given the fact that more children die from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined, the world needs our best efforts.”